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mer, 08. nov 2023, 8 | Reggae Rules
Event Halle Messe Basel Door opening: 6.30 pm

In the history of pop, reggae has created a kingdom of its own that knows no borders. UB40 and Gentleman act as agents of this groovy realm.

Their name is taken from unemployment benefit form with which many British kids were familiar during the 1980s. As a band from the tough streets of Birmingham, they were able to climb to the top of the music world thanks to reggae, with its relaxed rhythms and a rebellious core. Gentleman, from Cologne, travelled to Jamaica as an 18-year-old and has since dedicated himself heart and soul to reggae. Today he is a down-to-earth star with a musical grounding that is, and remains, roots reggae in the style of the early Wailers.

Christian Platz

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