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Freya Ridings

mar, 24. ott 2023, 8 | Tell A Story
Event Halle Messe Basel Door opening: 6.30 pm

«Castles» and «Let Her Go»: two earworm pop songs that conquered the charts, but are so different. «Let Her Go» comes from a musician from Brighton who sought success in vain in his home country, went travelling and busking, and finally made the breakthrough in Australia with his characteristically engaging voice: Passenger. «Castles» is by a Londoner who shone as a performer from an early age, graduating from the BRIT School and debuting with two live albums in rapid succession: Freya Ridings. In their songs, both reflect the stories of our society – quietly and sensitively in the case of Passenger, powerfully and self-confidently in the case of Freya Ridings.

Zeno van Essel

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Freya Ridings

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