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Baloise Session Backline Blog

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Baloise Session Backline Blog

I love Rock´n´Roll

The fascination of a live concert. There is hardly a better place than the Baloise Session to experience this up close, authentically and atmospherically. On stage, everything looks so natural, intuitive and spontaneous. But behind the perfect performance, behind every song and arrangement, there is a lot of know-how, technique and fine-tuning. In the new «Backline Blog» of the Baloise Session, we go on the trail of the secrets of pop and rock music. We discover exciting parallels, musical contrasts and affinities and, together with music professionals from various industries, explain why live music is so fascinating.


Instruments-Knowledge #1

Its sound defines modern pop and rock music. Nowadays, live concerts would be unthinkable without it: the synthesizer. This fascinating musical instrument also plays an important role in jazz, as demonstrated by one of today’s most exciting bands, who will be topping the bill at the Baloise Session on 10 November: Snarky Puppy from the USA. But what actually is a synthesizer? And what makes it such an exciting instrument musically? In its third Backline Blog, the Baloise Session is guest at the studio of leading Swiss jazz musician, composer, teacher and pioneer of electronic music Bruno Spoerri, who is held in high regard throughout the world and at the age of 87 is still active in the industry.


Voicecheck #1

Women's voices have a special significance in pop music. In a business still very much dominated by men, they embody a wide range of emotions – from love to anger, from vulnerability to pride. At this year's Baloise Session, two characteristic female voices can be heard that are very different, but completely captivate the listeners: that of the Italian canzoni diva Elisa and that of the Hamburg chart-topper Zoe Wees. But how do their voices differ? In the Backline Blog of the Baloise Session, a specialist investigates this question: Tanja Dankner!


Rhythmbox #1

In the first blog post – brought to you by the Basler Kantonalbank – we compare two songs which come from two completely different music scenes and yet are very similar in musical terms. Both were huge hits by famous artists who will be appearing live at this year's Baloise Session: «Je Veux» by French singer Zaz and «Oh Jonny» by funk-master Jan Delay from Hamburg.



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