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Baloise Session Backline Blog

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Baloise Session Backline Blog

I love Rock´n´Roll

The fascination of a live concert. There is hardly a better place than the Baloise Session to experience this up close, authentically and atmospherically. On stage, everything looks so natural, intuitive and spontaneous. But behind the perfect performance, behind every song and arrangement, there is a lot of know-how, technique and fine-tuning. In the new «Backline Blog» of the Baloise Session, we go on the trail of the secrets of pop and rock music. We discover exciting parallels, musical contrasts and affinities and, together with music professionals from various industries, explain why live music is so fascinating.

Behind the Scenes #7

When artistes are on tour, they need a place to stay where they can relax and feel at home. In the latest edition of our Backline Blog – brought to you by Host City Basel – find out why international stars feel so at home in Basel thanks to the unique partner hotels such as Novotel Basel City, Hotel Märthof Basel and Mövenpick Basel. What requirements do the stars demand of their accommodation, and how can our partner hotels guarantee their comfort and privacy? Click on the «Play» button for an exclusive peek.


Behind the Scenes #6

A concert is like a meal in a good restaurant. All the guest has to do is enjoy it, without having to think about the work that it took in the kitchen to prepare the menu. In the new edition of our «Backline Blog» – brought to you by Novartis – project manager Tobias Friederich of AudioRent Clair gives us a peek behind the scenes and explains the challenges involved in setting up the stage for different acts and their individual requirements.


Behind the Scenes #5

Our latest edition of the Backline Blog – brought to you by Basler Kantonalbank – is all about the fascinating subject of «Women in the Music Business». Find out from Tanya Gavrancic, show producer and manager of Steff la Cheffe, the hip-hop artist herself and Beatrice Stirnimann, CEO of Baloise Session, how to assert yourself as a woman, how the situation of women in the world of pop and rock has evolved in recent years, and the advantages of bringing more women into decision-making positions in this industry too.


Behind the Scenes #4

Unique encounters in the classroom. The rapper Siga and sign language interpreter Vanessa rock Basel county's Böckten primary school with hip-hop and sign language! The latest edition of our Backline Blog – brought to you by AMAG – shows how music can break down barriers and introduce schoolchildren to a new world. Let yourself be moved by a touching story about courage, music and community: Discover how Jenny, who has been deaf since birth, can feel the sounds of Siga’s hip-hop, and learn about the role music plays in her life.


St. Lundi

Behind the Scenes #3

The Baloise Session not only surprises with top international stars in the Event Hall of Basel Fair, but also brings a pop-up concert to the centre of the city once a year, free of charge and spontaneously. Last November, newcomer St. Lundi from England performed in the gallery of Basel’s historic red Town Hall. St. Lundi – a name to note! Find out more about this up-and-coming artist and his encounter with Basel – brought to you by Host City Basel.


Behind the Scenes #2

The Baloise Session is more than a platform for the greatest stars on the international music scene. It is also a springboard for aspiring newcomers. What does it mean for a young Swiss musician to perform for the first time at the Baloise Session? In the latest edition of our Backline Blog – brought to you by Baloise – we accompany the Biel musician and singer Dana from her first showcase at the media conference to rehearsals in her Zurich studio, a school workshop in Kirschgarten High School, and her big stage appearance. In the process she reveals some very personal and exclusive insights into her life and work.


Instruments-Knowledge #5

We make sure that world stars such as Alicia Keys, Sir Elton John and John Legend only play on the best instruments. To this end, we work with renowned partners such as Stoffler Musik and Yamaha, who supply our grand and upright pianos. In the latest edition of our backline blog, we take a look behind the scenes of the hire of these valuable instruments. Andreas Stoffler, owner of the traditional Basel family business Stoffler Musik, and Lukas Schellenberg, piano specialist at Yamaha, explain what is important and what special requests are sometimes made. They also show how live music inspires audiences to pick up an instrument again and why so many stars have relied on the Yamaha brand for many years.


25 years of a shared passion for music

Baloise Session and Baloise extend their sponsoring partnership until 2029

We are delighted to announce that the contract with our Presenting Sponsor, the Baloise insurance and financial services provider, has been extended for another four years until 2029. The partnership has existed for 25 years, and the Presenting Sponsorship since 2013. The continuation of this partnership underscores the shared commitment to promote music and the vision of creating unforgettable experiences for music enthusiasts.


Dano Tamásy

Artist History #3

From legendary rock stars to acclaimed electro acts and sentimental singer-songwriters – the Baloise Session 2023 offers an exciting mix of musical genres. In the latest edition of our Backline Blog – brought to you by Novartis – host Zeno van Essel and renowned music expert Dano Tamasy, musical director at Radio SRF, put this year’s programme under the microscope and talk about the many other stars in the different genres who have already graced the Baloise Session stage. A fascinating discussion about musical genres and their stars through the years.


Andy Ibach

Artist History #2

Memorabilia from icons the likes of Elvis Presley, Freddie Mercury and Kurt Cobain are priceless in the world of rock. In Basel there's an institution that boasts one of the largest and most significant collections from the rock and pop scene: the L’Unique Foundation. With its appearance at the Baloise Session, it is drawing attention to the good cause to which it is committed, and reveals the stories behind its coveted exhibits. For the latest edition of our Backline Blog – brought to you by Basler Kantonalbank – we met up with the founder and CEO Andy Ibach for a fascinating talk about music, people, passion and engagement.


Eric Facon

Artist History #1

Dive into the fascinating song worlds of artists from Chuck Berry to Ms. Lauryn Hill, and discover what makes their hits so soulful. Is it the stirring melody or the meaningful lyrics? This intriguing question is examined in the ninth edition of the «Baloise Session Backline Blog» – brought to you by AMAG. Eric Facon, one of Switzerland's most renowned music journalists, a well-known voice on Radio SRF and writer with the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, talks to Zeno van Essel, the host of the Backline Blog and reveals amusing anecdotes about world-famous hits, including some surprising insights into the creative work of international stars from Elton John to Stiller Has.


Gary Levinson

Instruments-Knowledge #4

Although the history of the guitar goes back 5000 years, it is still THE symbol of rock music. Its characteristic sound has shaped world-famous rock anthems, ballad solos and jazz virtuosity for over 70 years. Yet little is actually known about the true soul of this instrument. In the new edition of our backline blog – brought to you by Novartis – we introduce you to a specialist who is one of the world's best restorers of guitars and developers of electric guitars: Gary Levinson!


Alain Schnetz

Host City #1

For the past 38 years, the Baloise Session has played host to the world of music. As «Host City» of the renowned festival, Basel itself also boasts a vibrant music culture. One reason for this is that Basel deliberately promotes music culture and also supports it financially, logistically and administratively. Responsibility for this lies with the Basel Music Bureau. In the new edition of our Backline Blog – brought to you by Host City Basel – head of bureau Alain Schnetz gives a fascinating insight into the Basel music scene and an association that plays a key role in encouraging the creation of new music in Basel that conquers the charts time and again.


Bobby Leiser and Christoph Heule

Instruments-Knowledge #3

The Hammond organ: without it, famous rock anthems and pop songs would not be the super-hits they are. In the latest edition of our Backline Blog – brought to you by Basler Kantonalbank – we give you an interesting insight into this fascinating instrument which, to this day, delivers a unique sound. The history of the Hammond organ, how it works, and the secrets of rock music associated with it, are told by a legendary Swiss cult figure from the rock scene: Bobby Leiser, founder of the Swiss Cheese & Chocolate Backline Company. In addition, Swiss Hammond specialist Christophe Heule demonstrates the functions of a Hammond organ and reveals its fascinating inner workings.


Michael Müller

Instruments-Knowledge #2

Welcome to the fascinating world of the trombone! This venerable instrument, whose origins date back to the Middle Ages, also plays an important role in today's entertainment music – whether it's jazz or funk. For example, what would the sound of Earth, Wind & Fire, Tower of Power, Kool & the Gang or James Brown be like without those distinctive brass sections? In the latest edition of our Backline Blog – brought to you by Baloise – we take a closer look at this fascinating instrument with the aid of a prominent guest who is a great music-lover, who with his company is strongly committed to music and the Baloise Session, and who even plays the trombone himself: Michael Müller, CEO Switzerland, Baloise.


Behind the Scenes #1

The latest edition of our backline blog is devoted to the topic after which the blog is named and introduces a fascinating personality: Cathya Leiser, the CEO of the Swiss Cheese and Chocolate Backline Ltd., Switzerland’s best-known backline company, which enjoys a worldwide reputation. Founded by her parents, who were already preparing the stage for the world's biggest stars and festivals back in the 1960s, Cathya is the second generation to head up the company. At the Baloise Session she gives us a peek behind the scenes, explains what the job of a backline technician involves, and tells us what life so close to the limelight – yet always in its shadow – is like.


Instruments-Knowledge #1

Its sound defines modern pop and rock music. Nowadays, live concerts would be unthinkable without it: the synthesizer. This fascinating musical instrument also plays an important role in jazz, as demonstrated by one of today’s most exciting bands, who will be topping the bill at the Baloise Session on 10 November: Snarky Puppy from the USA. But what actually is a synthesizer? And what makes it such an exciting instrument musically? In its third Backline Blog, the Baloise Session is guest at the studio of leading Swiss jazz musician, composer, teacher and pioneer of electronic music Bruno Spoerri, who is held in high regard throughout the world and at the age of 87 is still active in the industry.


Voicecheck #1

Women's voices have a special significance in pop music. In a business still very much dominated by men, they embody a wide range of emotions – from love to anger, from vulnerability to pride. At this year's Baloise Session, two characteristic female voices can be heard that are very different, but completely captivate the listeners: that of the Italian canzoni diva Elisa and that of the Hamburg chart-topper Zoe Wees. But how do their voices differ? In the Backline Blog of the Baloise Session, a specialist investigates this question: Tanja Dankner!


Rhythmbox #1

In the first blog post – brought to you by the Basler Kantonalbank – we compare two songs which come from two completely different music scenes and yet are very similar in musical terms. Both were huge hits by famous artists who will be appearing live at this year's Baloise Session: «Je Veux» by French singer Zaz and «Oh Jonny» by funk-master Jan Delay from Hamburg.



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