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Worakls Orchestra

Fritz Kalkbrenner

sab, 28. ott 2023, 8 | Electronic Symphony
Event Halle Messe Basel Door opening: 6.30 pm

Kalkbrenner is a cult name in electronic music. In 2008 Paul and Fritz, brothers from Berlin, delivered the title song «Sky And Sand» for Hannes Stöhr’s techno cult film «Berlin Calling». Since then, Fritz has enjoyed a highly successful career as a DJ and producer, which he proved again last year with his spherical top track «In The Morning». The second act this evening comes from Paris and originally studied classical music. Author, composer and director Kevin Rodrigues and his electronically-powered Worakls Orchestra combine music genres from various epochs.

Exclusively joining Worakls Orchestra on stage: musicians from the Symphony Orchestra of Basel.

Zeno van Essel

An electronic evening in cooperation with Nordstern Basel

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  • 2 Swiss franc 80.-
  • 3 Swiss franc 60.-
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Fritz Kalkbrenner

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