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Sat, 05. Nov 2022, 8 PM | Magic Seductions
Event Hall, Basel Fair Door opening: 6.30 pm

This evening features a magical tour through European song art: The tradition of chansons, sensual and pointed, meets the genre of canzoni – songs full of longing and feeling – because ZAZ and Elisa have a rendezvous this evening. 

Seduction through the magic of music, this is an art that both master: the spirited ZAZ from Tours in France, and Italian Elisa Toffoli, who comes from Montefalcone, a village near Trieste. ZAZ was singing before the public even as a 7-year-old, and later studied music. Today the woman with the gravelly voice is a queen of chansons. At the tender age of 11 Elisa started writing songs – English and Italian - and now she captivates millions with her unique vocals.


Christian Platz

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