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Jan Delay & Disko No. 1

Zoe Wees

Thu, 03. Nov 2022, 8 PM | Made in Hamburg
Event Hall, Basel Fair Door opening: 6.30 pm

Hamburg’s music scene is colourful and creative. Besides Udo Lindenberg, Fettes Brot and Deichkind, it has many offspring. One such is Jan Delay, who added further colour to the North German music scene with hits like «Oh Johnny», «Klar» and «Disko». At first, they were flashy and funky. Now they have added black and white and softer tones to their palette. Now it’s no longer just about funk and partying, but also about reflecting on the world. And so the circle closes with Zoe Wees, also a child of the city on the Elbe. After impressing even Ed Sheeran on «The Voice Kids», she turned her attention to larger audiences with her sensitive songs – and landed a super-hit with «Girls Like Us»!


Zeno van Essel

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