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Baloise Session

Friends will be Friends

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A big thank you to the «Friends of the Baloise Session» association and its president Bruno Dallo for their idealistic and financial support.

The Baloise Session has pulling power, not only for the public but also for big names and wonderful talents.

Bruno Dallo | President «Friends of the Baloise Session»

The Baloise Session is unique. Time and again it creates an intimate atmosphere in which to enjoy big stars from a wide range of musical genres. This is what sets it apart from other event and hospitality platforms. The «Friends of the Baloise Session» association supports the organisation in upholding this reputation.

André Wyss | Member of «Friends of the Baloise Session»

You too can become a member.

The «Friends» are the patrons' association of the Baloise Session. By becoming a member, you become part of an exclusive «family» of enjoyers and supporters.

Around 35 people from business and society belong to the association. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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