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Gregory Porter

Snarky Puppy

Thu, 10. Nov 2022, 8 PM | Grammy Jazz
Event Hall, Basel Fair Door opening: 6.30 pm

They show two sides of the same music: jazz. Gregory Porter represents the sensual and profound, while Snarky Puppy embodies pure energy and improvisation.

Both Gregory Porter, the giant with the black cap and the soft-yet-powerful voice, and Michael League with his power-troupe, call their music «jazz». But while Porter plumbs the roots, gospel and blues, Snarky Puppy play themselves into the future, flirting with funk and soul. Yet both uphold the jazz tradition, improvise their way through their repertoire, swinging and grooving, and never forget that jazz is also entertainment – the Grammys prove them right!


Beat Blaser

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  • 3 Swiss franc 90.-
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Snarky Puppy at Baloise Session 2022

Snarky Puppy

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