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Lucinda Williams at BALOISE SESSION 2007
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Lucinda Williams

Tue, 13. Nov 2007, 8 PM | Rock’n’Roll Music
Festsaal Messe Basel

The Beatles covered his legendary hit, "Roll Over Beethoven", at the beginning of their career. The first single released by the Rolling Stones was his immortal hit "Come On". And the fact that Jimmy Hendricks played “Johnny B. Goode” is further proof for the high esteem in which Chuck Berry is held by the greats of the music business. Known as “Mr.Rock’n’Roll”, he has experienced all of the highs and lows of the business. And today, he sounds as fresh and electric as he did back when it all started. He can do no other: rock’n’roll is his craft, his passion and an eternal flirtation.

It is only fitting that the equally great, unconventional and multi-faceted musician Lucinda Williams shared the evening with him. The best singer-songwriter in America won numerous Grammys and introduced her album “West”.

Zeno van Essel

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Lucinda Williams at BALOISE SESSION 2007

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Chuck Berry
Line Up
Lucinda WilliamsVocals
Doug PettiboneElectric Guitar
David SuttonBass
Jonathan "Butch" NortonDrums
Jeffery Scott LysterGuitar
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