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Baloise Session Backline Blog

I love Rock'n'Roll

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Baloise Session Backline Blog

Behind the Scenes #1

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Without them, nothing would work at a modern pop and rock concert. They make sure that the instruments are in the right place, that the amplifiers on stage are correctly adjusted and connected, that no cable becomes a tripwire - and above all: that all the technical equipment is set up and taken down again. The backline tekkies are the quiet, mostly invisible heroes of show business. They do their work when the stars are still taking their power nap or have long since returned to the hotel. But without them, even the biggest world star could not survive on stage. Because the backline is the backbone of every concert, so to speak – and for the ordinary concert-goer, a realm full of mystery and wonder. This issue of the Baloise Session's Backline Blog is dedicated to the topic that gave this blog its name, and in the process introduces an extremely exciting personality: Cathya Leiser, the managing director of what is probably Switzerland's best-known backline company with a global reputation – Swiss Cheese and Chocolate Backline Ltd. Founded by her parents, who prepared the stage for the world's biggest stars at the biggest festivals back in the 1960s, she is the second generation to run the company. At the Baloise Session, she allows a look behind the scenes and tells us what is involved in the job of a backline technician and how his life is so close to the limelight and yet always in its shadow.

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