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Susana Baca at BALOISE SESSION 2002
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Susana Baca

Fri, 01. Nov 2002, 8 PM | Opening Night
Festsaal Messe Basel

Brazil and Peru left their impression on the opening evening of the festival edition 2002. Gilberto Gil is unquestioningly among the first guard of Brazilian stars. Whether in Montreux or New York, this full blooded musician is a much desired guest. For decades he left his imprint on the popular music of Brazil. With his album «Kaya N’Gan Daya» he stepped onto new paths in 2002 – and pushed the father of reggae, Bob Marley, into the centre of his work. «Gilberto Gil sings Bob Marley» was his slogan.

With Susana Baca we had the «Voice of Afro-Peru» as our guest. The representative of a new generation of women singers mines deeply in the past of her music’s tradition and brings to light gleaming melodies as well as thrilling rhythms. Tenderness, melancholy and poetry entered our house on this opening night.

Lukas Müller

On the same evening

Gilberto Gil
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