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Lewis Capaldi


mar, 01. nov 2022, 8 | Star Poets
Event Hall, Basel Fair Door opening: 6.30 pm

The finest song ideas may well emerge at the bar of a pub in Scotland or as while drumming as part of Basel's early-morning carnival. As different as their origins may be, both this evening’s artists share common denominators: Five years ago, Lewis Capaldi stormed into the international charts almost overnight with his hit «Bruises», and shortly afterwards was present in the Swiss hit parade for 123 weeks with his album «Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent»! – out of which one song was nominated for a Grammy. With his characterful voice, shooting star Zian also won the hearts of fans with his pop ballads, which are regular Swiss radio super-hits.


Zeno van Essel


With the kind support of the «Friends of Baloise Session»

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