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Alicia Keys at BALOISE SESSION 2017

The Stars are out tonight

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Artist History

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Immerse yourself in our musical history and heritage that began in 1986. Here you will find endless magical concert moments, a true musical fireworks display of which we are infinitely proud.


Paolo Nutini at BALOISE SESSION 2015

And yeah you got some great people on the line-up I am just glad I get to be a part of all of that to be honest. Good cast, good team.

Paolo Nutini
Wyclef Jean at BALOISE SESSION 2014

It is a great festival because, like I say, you can just display your whole library of music, you know.

Wyclef Jean
Sarah Connor at BALOISE SESSION 2015

It was great! It was very special both for myself and for my band. They are all very well-known musicians, yet today we were filled with awe and respect for this stage on which so many brilliant legends have played before us.

Sarah Connor

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