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I love Rock'n'Roll

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Baloise Session Backline Blog

Instruments-Knowledge #4

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From Buddy Guy to Eric Clapton, from Chuck Berry and B.B. King to Mark Knopfler and Ben Harper. The world's greatest guitarists have already graced the Baloise Session. And even today, no Baloise Session is complete without the characteristic sound of guitars or electric guitars! Although the history of the instrument goes back 5000 years, it is still THE symbol of rock music. Its characteristic sound has shaped world-famous rock anthems, ballad solos and jazz virtuosity for over 70 years. Everyone knows what the guitar and the electric guitar look like. Most are also familiar with their sound. And yet, little is actually known about the true soul of this instrument and how it works. In the new issue of the Backline Blog, we introduce a specialist who is one of the world's best restorers of guitars and developers of electric guitars. World stars ask him for advice and play his instruments. He comes from the USA, is actually a scientist in the fields of physics, oceanography and geology and studied and worked at the University of Basel. But his passion is not only for nature, but also for the guitar and the electric guitar. In Münchenstein near Basel, he has made it his profession. Welcome to the workshop of Gary Levinson!

Gary Levinson
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