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Baloise Session Backline Blog

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Baloise Session Backline Blog

Behind the Scenes #5

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The international music business is still considered a male domain, both on stage and behind the scenes. The latest edition of our backline blog is dedicated to the exciting topic of «Women in the music business». And with good reason: the Baloise Session is one of the few music festivals to be run by a woman: Beatrice Stirnimann. There is also a disproportionately high number of women in the Baloise Session team. Three exciting women give their views on how to assert themselves as a woman in the music business, how the situation of women in the world of pop and rock has developed in recent years and the advantages of having more women in decision-making positions in this industry: Tanya Gavrancic, show producer and manager of Steff la Cheffe. The hip-hop artist Steff la Cheffe herself, who also expresses exciting thoughts on the topic of women in hip-hop. And, of course, Beatrice Stirnimann, CEO of the Baloise Session for 18 years.

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