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I love Rock'n'Roll

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Baloise Session Backline Blog

Artist History #2

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Memorabilia from icons like Elvis Presley, Freddie Mercury and Kurt Cobain are invaluable in the world of rock. In Basel, there is an institution that has one of the largest and most exciting collections from the rock and pop scene: the L'Unique Foundation. With its appearance at the Baloise Session, it draws attention to the good cause to which it is committed and reveals the stories behind the coveted exhibits.

The L'Unique Foundation reveals the fascinating world of rock'n'roll in a unique way. The impressive memorabilia collection is a true treasure for music lovers and shows the traces that rock stars have left in history. Year after year, the Foundation presents some of its most exclusive exhibits during the Baloise Session, giving visitors a glimpse into the captivating world of rock'n'roll.

The founder and managing director of the L'Unique Foundation is Andy Ibach, a personality who acts with passion and dedication in the world of music. Although he earns his living as a tinsmith in construction, his passion for collecting is second to none. Impressive are his close contacts to global music greats such as Ringo Starr and the Rolling Stones, who help him to fulfil a good cause. With their support, Andy Ibach is involved in renovating sanitary facilities in children's homes in Nepal, where he also actively lends a hand himself, earning him the nickname «The Rock'n'Roll Plumper» from the kids there.

In the middle of Basel's old town is a dazzling oasis for rock lovers – the bar and restaurant of the L'Unique Foundation. Here, like-minded people meet to exchange stories from the world of rock'n'roll in a unique ambience. The location is a real attraction and underlines the Foundation's commitment and passion for music and its good cause. That's where the Baloise Session Backline Blog met Andy Ibach for an interview – an exciting conversation about music, people, passion and commitment. It is worth getting to know this extraordinary rock lover better and diving into the world of music legends and their moving memorabilia.

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