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The Big Chris Barber Band at BALOISE SESSION 2002
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The Big Chris Barber Band

Fri, 08. Nov 2002, 8 PM | New Orleans Parade
Festsaal Messe Basel

The legend New Orleans still attracts legions of tourists. Humid nights with soul food and earthy New Orleans sounds and second line music await you there. Our festival offered a simile on a cold November evening in 2002.

Lillian Boutté, musical emissary from New Orleans and her colleague Sammy Rimington showed how it is «when it’s sleepy time down south». Included were a few band members, albeit unknown here, but celebrated in New Orleans, guests in Europe for the first time.

And a special appetizer was served by old master Chris Barber with his 11 member small big band. Blues and Ellington tunes – and maybe a cool ice cream!

Beat Blaser

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