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Rokia Traoré at BALOISE SESSION 2000
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Rokia Traoré

Wed, 08. Nov 2000, 8 PM | Die Stimmen Westafrikas
Festsaal Messe Basel

If the great African kingdoms of the middle ages still existed, Youssou N‘ Dour would, without a doubt, be the king of Senegal – and Rokia Traoré at least the crown princess of Mali. For twenty years already N‘ Dour has ruled over Senegalese pop music, the «Mbalax». He came to our festival in the year 2000 with the young Rokia Traoré from neighbouring Mali: a thrilling musical contrast because Rokia is influenced by the meditative «Sahara-Blues» from Mali’s barren north.

Martin Schäfer

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Youssou N´Dour
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