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Jesse Malin at BALOISE SESSION 2002
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Jesse Malin

Sat, 09. Nov 2002, 8 PM | Discovery Night
Festsaal Messe Basel

Only one (missing) letter differentiates Ryan Adams from a Canadian pop icon …, but what a difference! Nothing could be further from his mind than obliging melodies and potential chart ballads. Those who label him as the «new Bob Dylan» are probably not completely wrong. As a sensitive singer/songwriter he remains true to the rebellious spirit and the «outlaw» tradition of a Hank Williams or a Johnny Cash. Thus he guides «alternative country» with brilliantly vivid song writing and a fresh perspective on the rock’n’roll tradition to a greater audience. The stubborn loner only wanted to come to our festival under the condition that he could bring his own «opening act»: Jesse Malin.

Martin Schäfer

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Ryan Adams
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