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Janice Harrington at BALOISE SESSION 1999
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Janice Harrington

Sun, 31. Oct 1999, 12 PM | Jazz-Lunch
Hilton Basel

The jazz lady Jan Harrington was described as follows by Lionel Hampton: «That Woman is a One-Man-Show.» Not surprising given that this extraordinary woman regularly manages to catapult people out of their chairs. For dual intensity Harrington brought a special guest about whom she would only reveal his instrument, the saxophone, beforehand … enjoy!

Line Up
Janice HarringtonVocals
Kaill GerhardsBass
Nick LiebmannDrums
Thomas MoeckelGuitar
Werner GürtlerTrombone
Tyree Glenn Jr.Saxophone
Wed, 19. Oct 1994, 3 PM | Schüler-Blues-Workshop
Humanistisches Gymnasium
Tue, 18. Oct 1994, 3 PM | Schüler-Blues-Workshop
Sun, 17. Oct 1993, 12 PM | Swing-Lunch
Hilton, Basel
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