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Francis Bebey at BALOISE SESSION 1999
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Francis Bebey

Sun, 31. Oct 1999, 8 PM | African
Festsaal Messe Basel

Our well liked African Night is already a tradition. And already legendary is the atmosphere at these “smoking“ concerts - with open floor space instead of rows and rows of seats. A colorful potpourri of a sub-Saharan-Africa expedition from Cameroon, with Salif Keita, to Mali, with Francis Bebey, was offered.

On the same evening

Salif Keita
Line Up
Francis BebeyVocals, Guitar, Sanza
Patrick BebeyVocals, Percussion, Pygmyflute, Sanza
Toups BebeyVocals, Percussion, Pygmyflute, Sanza, Saxophone
Papa NoelAcoustic Bass
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