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Angelo Branduardi at BALOISE SESSION 2000
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Angelo Branduardi

Sun, 05. Nov 2000, 8 PM | L´infinitamente piccolo
Festsaal Messe Basel

A sensitive composer with a thousand ideas, a virtuoso of the violin, a romantic singer of canta storia – that is Angelo Branduardi. In his programme the mop of curls entered new territory once more: Based on texts by his favourite poet, he composed numerous touching Canzoni and offered homage to the sainted Francis of Assisi: His creation «L‘ Infinitamente piccolo» throws a spotlight on the places of pilgrimage during the middle ages and the footpaths connecting them. He was inspired to new musical and poetic heights through Francis of Assisi’s philosophical lyrics. Angelo Branduardi wants to show us parallels between Antiquity and Modernity. A unique feast for the ears.

Lukas Müller

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