Al Jarreau at BALOISE SESSION 1996
Al Jarreau at BALOISE SESSION 1996


Vocal Jazz, 26.10.1996


Saturday, 26 Oct. 1996 / Messe Basel

Vocal Jazz

Al Jarreau’s vocal chords are destined for the Guinness Book of World Records. If you close your eyes, you hear an entire orchestra playing when he sings. For decades he has been a star the world over and is beloved by pop and jazz fans. In 1996, he celebrated great successes in the Broadway musical Grease in New York. Impressed by the line-up of what was then the Rheinknie Session, he agreed to perform in Basel, which caused his manager some headaches in planning his tour. With his worldwide hits and some songs that were brand new at the time, he delighted the audience in Basel.

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