Nigel Kennedy at BALOISE SESSION 2003
Nigel Kennedy at BALOISE SESSION 2003


An Evening with ..., 12.11.2003


Wednesday, 12 Nov. 2003 / Festsaal Messe Basel

An Evening with ...

Anyone who sits picking his nose at a champagne and caviar dinner shouldn’t be surprised if the other guests are disgusted. Right from the start British violin virtuoso Nigel Kennedy set out to shock, cutting holes in his evening attire and in his coiffure, while all the time playing better than many of his more staid colleagues. It came as no surprise, therefore, when Kennedy became a pop star, with sell-out concerts and chart-topping CDs. And why not? After all, people like him are a breath of fresh air who attract new people into the music scene. And a bit of fun does no one any harm!

Beat Blaser

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